This time of the year, before I zero in on the greenery of pine, I gather the gray, brown and gold grasses and weeds.

gathering weeds

The empty lot next to our house is full of long grasses and weeds that dry into mellow tones after the summer is over.

city of weeds

This morning before work, I went out behind the house to gather my harvest.

This time of the year I like to bring some of these indoors to enjoy for the Thanksgiving holiday.

You don’t have to look far to find them.

Behind the garage, down the alley or the side of the road, if you look, you’ll find what you want.

And it’s free!

fluffy white weed

Just an armload will be enough to work with.

If you find your harvest dry and crumbling, a little hairspray will keep it together.

Sprayed or not sprayed, keep these dry beauties away from candles and open flames.

So this afternoon when I came home from work the sun was setting.

 I had to move fast on my arrangements so I could catch natural light for the photographs.

First, I used an old dining room table leg as a vase for a dried bouquet.

old table leg as a vase

Then I tied a bunch together to set on top of a vintage oval picture frame.

The sun is setting fast by now.

These November days are short on sunshine.

antique oval frame

vintage frame

weeds closeup

There you have a seasonal rustic touch to your home.

And because it’s natural, it goes with any style decor.

These dried plants look great in a delicate glass vase or a simple jar or basket.

Tie with glittery ribbon or plain twine if you like.

Anything goes.

old bottle vase

No more sunlight but I was happy to see how rich the brown weeds looked in the lamplight.

Evening is here.

One more photo to share with you.

old song of thanks

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

I plan to host a few family members and friends if the predicted forecast of snow and ice doesn’t have it’s own plan..


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