Hope you had a lovely holiday season and are now in a more relaxed mode and looking forward to the New Year.

We enjoyed a quiet and cozy Christmas, getting a fresh blanket of snow the day after.

Here’s the view from my studio.

winter outside my window

Now with the holidays behind me, I’ve got my mind on things I plan to share here on Renew and Remember in upcoming posts.

I’ve got more ideas than there are days in the year!

But I’ve also been reflecting back at the fading year.

2015 was a busy year for me as I launched this blog on October the 1st.

The building of this blog was a long time in the works, actually a few years from start to launch.

There was plenty to do!

I had to come up with a name and that took a while to find something fitting and not already in use, get all the techy work done and many other IT details that had to be taken care of before it was ready to go.

I organized all my thrift and vintage belongings, which is most of what we have in the big ol’ house, and it was way more stuff than I thought I had.

I mean, this old lady has been gathering and collecting for many years.

That was a lot of work, but fun, finding treasures that had been stored away and I’d forgotten about.

But now I know where everything is and can find whatever I want just when I need it.

I know, I amazed myself too.

I organized my studio with all it’s old books, vintage magazines, old photographs and all the crafting stuff.

To be honest, I still need to finish sorting the hundreds of vintage photos I own…

Then, I painted the butler’s pantry where I keep all the pretty nick nacks and dicky dack.

Orphaned pieces of china, glassware, teacups and linens are there.

On to paint the spare room and set it up for photo shoots and staging, between times it’s being used as a guest room.

white room

I work outside the home and my elderly mom and my ‘center of my world’ grandkids live in another part of the state so evenings and free weekends was and is, my time to work on blogging.

But by October, every little detail was checked off the list and Renew and Remember was in orbit.


I have to say a huge thank you to the lovely and talented Reni and her team at bliss & tell branding co, my husband, my kids and friends who helped along the way and made my dream of having a vintage blog come true!

Keeping this blog going is now a one-person (me) operation and can be a lonely yet rewarding road.

I’m the only one who has to show up for the meetings. (More donuts for me!)

Sometimes I’m asked about blogging and how it works so I’d like to tell you.

First, I come up with an idea that I think my readers will like.

With my limited time, daylight, (for photo shoots), and a foot problem that has poor little old me not as active some days, I take a blog post idea that I love and want to share with you and make it happen step by step.

I set it up, arrange it and sometimes redo the idea before it actually turns out as you see it.

I may get sidetracked or inspired and go off in a different direction.

Sometimes I slave away at an idea like the ‘1960’s opened Christmas presents under a pink tree’ idea that you did not see because it just didn’t turn out like anything I had in mind.

Or the tiny “friends” banner I made for the post “From The Old Photo Album: Esther and Her Friends” thinking I’d use it in most of the shots, but it only made one appearance on the entire post.

friends forever

I take all the photos with my very unprofessional, but trusty, Sony Cyper-Shot camera that has no bells and whistles.

It’s from a pawn shop and it’s something a non-photographer type would use on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

But this has forced me to study photography using natural light and camera angles.

Waiting for the right light is key.

I follow the sun.

I’ve come home from work and the natural light is so magic that I grab Sony and start shooting before I even take my coat off.

oh dear

I can tell you that for every photo you see on the blog, I took at least 25 more pictures, trying different times of the day for the best lighting and trying different angles.

Many times the vignette or the corner of a room is set up and left for days before I have the correct lighting.

My husband is wonderful to step over and live in my staging works without ever complaining.

Then, I write the posts and I am a …..very…..slow……writer…..

I write and rewrite and then sleep on it before you read it.

Also, I try to kick out something on the R&R Facebook and Instagram most days.

I can take a picture on my iphone and send it to both Facebook and Instagram.

It’s a great way to be out there and keep connected with you.

Photos for blog posts have to be loaded from my trusty Sony camera to the computer, then sorted through the many pictures and narrowed down to a few good ones to use.

Then I put my pictures in Photoshop to sharpen and make them sparkle.

All this takes time, but I love every minute!

This is what I want to do!!

I have a zillion ideas to get to and many half way done projects.

There’s always something to do.

banner craft

I’m surrounded by so much thrift and vintage treasures in my home that every time I turn around I’m inspired with a new idea or see a fresh way to look at old stuff.

Besides finding more time to work on my vintage love, it’d be nice to have a ‘real’ camera like other bloggers use.

Some day, I hope…

But don’t feel bad for me!

I am blessed.

A friend GAVE me an iphone so I can post on Instagram and Facebook with ease and I’m deciding what camera I even want to get as I save up my pennies to buy a used camera, (isn’t it fitting that a second hand camera be used for a blog about everything second hand?).

I want to say thank YOU for visiting my blog, all 10 of you! (I think promoting Renew and Remember should be on my 2016 list.)

Speaking of 2016, I plan to paint the kitchen from brown town to fresh white, so you can follow along on that project.

I guess to sum it all up, I’m just a 59 year old girl with an ordinary camera living in an old house full of time worn treasures that I want to share with you, and hope you are inspired to enjoy the thrift and vintage treasures in your life and home.

So, see you next year, right here with more shabby-rustic-Nortic-French-Victorian-50’s farmhouse-glitter-glam old stuff that we love!!!

See you soon, my dears!





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