When I see Christmas cards from the 50s and 60s I think of when I was a kid and my mom would work at the dining room table where she’d set up piles of Christmas cards, the address book, holiday postage stamps, and her favorite pen. She sent out many, many cards each year to family and friends, with most cards including a handwritten¬†message or letter. My friend gave me a box of vintage cards that had been sent to… Read more »

Take advantage of lazy summer days by creating a vintage style sitting area that takes only a few minutes to set up! Follow me to my backyard and let me show how you can put together your own lovely summer place where you can escape to without having to leave home.

Wasn’t it just summer with birds singing and morning coffee outside on the back steps? I was looking back at fall pictures I took (before I got my fancy shamancy camera) and pulled out some favorites taken with my plain old camera. Looking across the street.

The sun cast a perfect light for a photo shoot. Fresh flowers were arranged in a vase and a cake looked pretty on a glass cake plate. Then, before I even took the first picture I got the call….

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping in here at Renew and Remember. Life has taken some twists and turns for me this summer, but I am getting back to what I like to do…blogging about vintage treasures! Stay tuned. A new blog post is in the works and it’ll give you the scoop. In the meantime, I’m on Instagram most days. Take care and check back soon…..!!!!

I haven’t always liked antiques, but when I was a young bride and building our first nest, we couldn’t afford new things and I had no choice but to decorate with handed down old stuff and shop at thrift stores and estate sales.