My dream house is a country cottage with a thatched roof surrounded by tall trees and flower gardens.

A pond with swans would be welcome.

It probably won’t happen in my life…but I say, “never say never”.

cottage card

I am drawn to any vintage cottage I see!

They look so inviting and cozy.

The more storybook looking, the better.

Even the roads and pathways leading to these charming abodes are lovely.

I imagine the interiors being comfy, clean and a pie baking in the oven…

Today I want to show you several teacups and greeting cards I have with cottages scenes.

One teacup belonged to my aunt and the other I found in a thrift store.


vintage teacup



I have a collection of ‘cottage’ cards that once belonged to my mother and my grandmother.

Birthday cards, get well cards, thank you cards and more.

These are just a few of them!

Each one shows a charming cottage home I’d like to step inside.

vintage greeting cards


 Cottages must have been a popular graphic theme in the 1930-1940’s when these were made.


cottage card for a shower

happy birthday, father


My daughter gave me this one on my birthday.

I love the idea of a sunny birthday path leading to a cottage.

vintage card


 Below, a gift card from my Grandma to my parents.

If you look closely you can see a pink roofed cottage just over the hill.

It actually reminds me of the Minnesota countryside where my family is from, minus the pink roof.


countryside cottage



Made In the USA

Made in the USA.


cottage on the hill


I leave you with this verse from inside one of the cottage cards.

Gods blessing to you

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