I was thrilled to come across a photo album full of pictures of my grandma when she was a teenager, roughly about 1915 when Woodrow Wilson was the president and young men left for WW1.

The days of silent movies and windup record players.

100 years ago!

old photo album

It had been tucked away at my mother’s for many years. 

I never knew of it until recently.

I remember my grandma as an older women. 

She was in her late 50’s when I was born.

I’d seen a few pictures of her as a young mother but now to see her as a bright faced teen in these old snapshots was a new way to see her.

an old fashioned girl

My grandma’s name was Hannah Esther, but she went by Esther.

She was an only child.

Her parents started out as poor farmers in East Central Minnesota, living in a small log house but later did well when her father began to work for the county and they were able to move into a big house with a huge yard.

By that time they could afford nicer things, including a camera.

The photos I’m showing today are of Esther and her friends.

old fashioned friends

Every young girl needs a close friend or two.

Someone to laugh with, share dreams and secrets.

Someone just to be with.

My adorable grandma is on the left in the following pictures.

She and her mother could sew, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Esther’s coat was made on the home sewing machine.

Teen Esther

Similar hair and outfits.

It’s always been important for girls to dress like the other girls.

Esther and friend

The styles and times have changed but the poses never do.

Playing for the camera is nothing new.

Esther and friend

Here she is in the middle sporting pants and a cap.

The carefree days before launching into marriage and motherhood.

3 old pals

In the photo album were several postcards from her friends across the miles.

Only one cent to keep in touch.

This one from a Tillie.

old post card

I don’t recall my grandma Esther talking about her teenage years or pals.

I wonder if she kept in touch with them.

vintage teens

There are many more photos from this album I’ll be sharing in upcoming posts.


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