Wasn’t it just summer with birds singing and morning coffee outside on the back steps?

I was looking back at fall pictures I took (before I got my fancy shamancy camera) and pulled out some favorites taken with my plain old camera.

Looking across the street.

autumn leaves in MN

You can see it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, you can get a great photo when the light is right.

 In this case when I stepped out the front door and looked up the street, the light was just perfect.


Here’s a few more photos from when I was thinking about starting this blog…..

I’ve had this antique table runner for years.

I think it’s a natural fit on an old window in our old house.

vintage linen

The very last of the blooming flowers are brought inside.

vintage kitchen

Vintage teacups make the sweetest little vases.

Set on top of a grandma doily.

Simply lovely.

teacup and fall flowers

flowers in teacupWhen the nights begin to freeze they can be cut and brought inside for the last blast of flower color from the garden before the snow covers the ground.

One of my favorite things about the cooler and longer evenings is having candles glowing.

This is where it doesn’t take much to make the home a bit nicer.

candle cozy

One Halloween I gathered all the old things around the house that were black and came up with this.

It looks like something at the Adams Family house.

halloween decor


vintage halloween

And now we’re off to the season of pumpkins, hot cider and trick or treats.

Enjoy it and have fun!

vintage halloween


Helen Fitch

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