Minnesota has been my home for most of my life.

I love the North Star state.

I’ve lived on a farm, in a small town and now in the city.

Duluth crate

attic window

I’m grateful I can enjoy the view of Lake Superior from my east windows.

Every day the lake is different.

One day calm and still, just perfect for wading in while the moon shines down like a friend, and the next day, tall and powerful waves show no mercy and you touch her at your own risk.

Lake Superior summer waves


Same location…what a difference six months can make!

The summer day I took the photo of the crashing waves, I took off my shoes to dip my feet in the refreshing water.

I walked barefoot back to the car.

The day I took the winter photo, my feet were numb from the cold.

I ran back to the car.

lake Ice shards

Land of cold winters, green springs, warm summers and richly colored autumns, there’s no place I’d rather be.

It’s not just snow and ice up north here.

We have blue lakes under the hot summer sun. Singing loons and Lady Slipper wild flowers greet you at the lake.

Beautiful farmland is dotted with small towns.

Our prairie countryside is a poem for the eye.

I could write pages on what Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer.

There’s something for everyone in Minnesota.

Loon in window


Above, a Minnesota plate someone donated to a thrift shop and for pocket change I purchased it and brought home.

My dad made the wooden loon that sits in the window.

Below, Minnesota naturals mixed with the old and worn on a table in the sunporch.

This is what is looks like on the other side of the camera when I do a photo shoot.

MN tablescape

Pine is fine.

pine in vase

North Shore post card

Wild Rice has long been a centerpiece in the lives of the Anishinaabe people whose history is rich here in the northland.

wild rice from above


This treasure grows along inland lake shoreline.

Respect for the Creator and the land was a way of life.

I can see Spirit Mountain from my kitchen window and it has me think a lot about the way it used to be here a long time ago.

wild rice on glassore


A fresh blanket of snow makes for great cross-country skiing.

I remember the years my parents were young and active.

Here they are.

My dad has passed on now and my mom is confined to a wheelchair.

This photograph captures a moment in time.

A moment to treasure.

Live each season to the fullest.

ski folks


Below, a tiny vintage photo album used when your pictures had to be developed at the camera shop or the drug store.

Before color prints, black and white prints were small sized and would fit neatly into a 2″x3″ album like this.

mini photo album


I just had to pose for this optical illusion of me on the Duluth Lakewalk ‘guiding’ a cargo boat as she heads out of the harbor.

 me holding boat

Duluth is the most inward port of the unsalted seas, and my home.





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