A warm hello from a cold place.

That place is Minnesota.

When I look out my window on a winter’s day, I can hardly believe that in a few months green will replace the white and warmth will replace the cold.

But for now it’s as winter as winter gets.

winter window


I love looking through cookbooks printed by community or church groups.

The older the better.

These softcover, low budget books that are spiral-bound or held together with staples, even yarn, contain tried and true recipes that women were proud to share.

From a typewriter to an office mimeograph machine or a local print shop, they were usually sold for fundraising needs such as a library addition or missions work.

Here’s a gem I found in a Duluth thrift store.

Twig MN cookbook

Smorgasbords in Minnesota’a Northwoods, by the Ladies Aid of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Twig, Minnesota.


The little birdhouse that came from my childhood home now sits in our backyard.

A few birds poked their beaks in this summer, but none settled in.

It looked so lonely and birdless especially on a foggy morning, that I felt I needed to do something for this old house.

So on a perfect sunny day, I enjoyed sitting at the picnic table while I worked on the makeover.

Here is the BEFORE….


And, here is the AFTER!




Welcome Cottage


You and I are connected even though we may never meet face to face.

We are both on our personal journeys, meeting here on the internet highway.

Your journey is wonderfully different than mine, yet we have a lot in common because we both know that life can get busy and the world around us can be just plain crazy.

Once in awhile we need to step back from it all and do something we enjoy.

Me time.

The world will keep spinning while we take a few moments for ourselves.

In fact, it might be a better place because we do take a break.

My hope is that you will step back now and then to visit me here at Renew and Remember  where I’ll share my love of all things vintage and from the past.

From fine family antiques to trinkets found in the thrift store, I have so much I want to show you.

I’ve been collecting of old books, magazines, recipes and photos for years.

My home is furnished and decorated with second hand items.

I like to be surrounded by the old and worn in everyday living.

If this is where you find your passion too, then we do have a lot in common, my friend.

Meet me here.



I would love to hear from you! Email me: beverly@renewandremember.com