Hello sweet spring!

vintage greeting card

This is my favorite time of the year as color begins to break free.

tea time in vintage style

While I wait for the northland to burst into fresh colors, I just can’t wait, so I surround myself with happy pastels indoors.

Vintage curtains, tablecloths and treasures in soft shades of yellow, pink, blue and green, along with a bouquet of tulips, make our home very bright and cheery.


It may be chilly and dull outside, but inside all is warm and springy!

pretty pastelsMy grandma’s birthday angel and a pair of cute duck salt and pepper shakers from the thrift store, look perfect as the sun shines in on the table.

Two little bunnies catch some rays on the window sill.

cute overload

I found a handmade baby afghan for $1.50 at the corner thrift store and use it as a rug.

shabby rug

Everything you see, (except for the white chair), once belonged to my mom or grandma, or was found while second hand shopping.

Other treasures you see are gifts.

A dear friend knows my passion for things from days gone by, and gave me a basket full of vintage linens and greeting cards!

vintage greeting cards

vintage style

Recently I found a tiny book that once belonged to my grandma or her mom.

I’m not sure who it belonged to but one thing I am sure of is that I am thankful for the women in my family who were devoted to a higher love and power.

morning devotions

The verses are in old style King James, but they still say what my heart needs to hear.

Bible verses

Happy spring to you!


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