We’ve had a pleasant warm fall.

Many days have been bright and clear.

fall day

Winter is not that far off so any nice day we get, we grab it and hang on to it like a good friend leaving town.

If you live where winters are cold like here in Minnesota, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say how important it is to enjoy the last hours of warm weather.

Grab them now!

old wooden glider swing

Last Sunday was as nice as nice can be so I headed to the backyard with coffee and a book for some sun time.

The perfect place to relax is the old wooden glider swing that has been in the family for four generations.

It needs a few repairs but it’s a treasure to me.

old swing

coffee on old swing

Now days I have to check the weather reports for frost advisories so I know when to cover the flowers at night.

In these parts, October afternoons can reach into the lower 80’s and nights dip into the 20’s.

You just never know…

On a lovely fall day I’ll go outside even if I don’t have anything I have to do outdoors. I’ll run some errands or sit in the yard…anything to not be inside.

The days are shorter now too, so a warm afternoon is prime time to drop everything and enjoy the sun.

Some mornings I’m up at the crack of dawn when the first light casts creamy shades of amber, saffron and arylide through the windows.

This little porch will be closed up when the cold weather sets in.

No heat in here.

But for now I can still enjoy my morning coffee here.

morning coffee

While I snapped these photos, a single migrating bird resting in our yard was singing a new song to my ears.

Most birds have left by now, so hearing a songbird was a treat.

I have to say it was a bit magical.

gold sunrise

My dad made this little wooden bird.

wooden bird

My favorite, pears, ripen in the sun.

The rustic bowl was found in a thrift store.

wooden bowl with pears

Fall colors in this vintage tablecloth go well with the cheery coffee cup I brought home from a trip to Poland.

I hope you can enjoy your mornings in the sun, wherever you live!

cup from Poland

The birds have left, yet the leaves sing to me.

The gardens have faded, yet rich colors surround me.

Just when all I loved was suddenly gone,

I was surprised by a beautiful new song.

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