When I see Christmas cards from the 50s and 60s I think of when I was a kid and my mom would work at the dining room table where she’d set up piles of Christmas cards, the address book, holiday postage stamps, and her favorite pen. She sent out many, many cards each year to family and friends, with most cards including a handwritten message or letter. My friend gave me a box of vintage cards that had been sent to… Read more »

I love looking through cookbooks printed by community or church groups. The older the better. These softcover, low budget books that are spiral-bound or held together with staples, even yarn, contain tried and true recipes that women were proud to share. From a typewriter to an office mimeograph machine or a local print shop, they were usually sold for fundraising needs such as a library addition or missions work. Here’s a gem I found in a Duluth thrift store. Smorgasbords… Read more »

WELCOME TO MY BLOG. I’M SO HAPPY YOU’VE STOPPED BY!   You and I are connected even though we may never meet face to face. We are both on our personal journeys, meeting here on the internet highway. Your journey is wonderfully different than mine, yet we have a lot in common because we both know that life can get busy and the world around us can be just plain crazy. Once in awhile we need to step back from… Read more »