Take advantage of lazy summer days by creating a vintage style sitting area that takes only a few minutes to set up! Follow me to my backyard and let me show how you can put together your own lovely summer place where you can escape to without having to leave home.

I haven’t always liked antiques, but when I was a young bride and building our first nest, we couldn’t afford new things and I had no choice but to decorate with handed down old stuff and shop at thrift stores and estate sales.

A warm hello from a cold place. That place is Minnesota. When I look out my window on a winter’s day, I can hardly believe that in a few months green will replace the white and warmth will replace the cold. But for now it’s as winter as winter gets.

This time of the year, before I zero in on the greenery of pine, I gather the gray, brown and gold grasses and weeds. The empty lot next to our house is full of long grasses and weeds that dry into mellow tones after the summer is over.

The little birdhouse that came from my childhood home now sits in our backyard. A few birds poked their beaks in this summer, but none settled in. It looked so lonely and birdless especially on a foggy morning, that I felt I needed to do something for this old house. So on a perfect sunny day, I enjoyed sitting at the picnic table while I worked on the makeover. Here is the BEFORE…. And, here is the AFTER!