Take advantage of lazy summer days by creating a vintage style sitting area that takes only a few minutes to set up!

Follow me to my backyard and let me show how you can put together your own lovely summer place where you can escape to without having to leave home.

A perfect place to relax with a few friends, or have a meal outdoors on a nice day.

I decided on a corner in the yard that is next to a vacant lot and has the view of a wooded area beyond.

Under a tree, on a deck or a porch, all make good places.

If you live in an apartment, set up by a sunny window.

Indoors allows you to keep the sitting area set up all day and in any weather.

The idea is to have a lovely place to land.

This is what you need to set up your very own escape.

A table. It doesn’t matter what it looks like because it will be covered.

I use a beat up old patio table.

Chairs. I use old wooden ones handed down to me.

I only bring them outside when I’m using them.

They’re light and easy to bring back into the house.

Tablecloth. Longer is better.

You can use a sheet with a lace tablecloth over it, or just a pretty sheet.

Chair covers. Pillowcases draped over the chair seat, or pretty pillows work.

I use old cafe curtains…why not!

Mixed pretty dishes and silverware.

Not matching IS the beauty here.

A vase of flowers.

Any size, any flowers.

Keep in mind, anything you take outdoors can be subject to a gust of wind, curious squirrels or grass stains.

Nothing too precious here.

Think shabby chic farmhouse.

Your summer escape should be quick and easy to set up and put away.

Store items in a handy place and be ready to roll out the charm on a whim.

 I’ve done this for years, keeping everything ready to set up in just a few minutes.

I stack the chairs indoors and keep the pretty dishes and linens in a picnic basket.

Sometimes I use several long sheer panels, (someone was throwing away!) to weave in the fence to anchor the look and add some more privacy.

You could hang string lights for evening use.

Add whatever you want to make it exactly what you have in mind.

Surround yourself with things you love…things that make you happy.

Summer is short.

Enjoy it!

Once everything is in place, you only need to add treats and flowers.

Now you’re ready to set up your escape in just minutes, for a meal, a friend coming over for sweet tea, or some alone time for summer reading.




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